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Faith ≠ Rest

Many Christians today pursue a faith that leads to passive consumerism, a love that expects others to serve them, and a hope that is as shallow as instant gratification produces. That's not what faith is meant to produce. That's not what love should look like. That's not how hope should be experienced.

He Has Heard

Maybe you have been in that situation where you have poured your heart out to another, yet at the end of the conversation, you went away thinking, "They did not hear me." But, oh how your soul sings when you feel that your heart's cry has been truly heard! It makes all the difference.

He Has Written

The gospel informs my questioning heart that I am the blank canvas. I can't grasp at faith. I can't make it appear. It is God who writes faith into our lives. He lifts the crimson pen and scripts a story of love and tragedy across the manuscript of my life. It is his beloved Son who stands as the hero of this grand narrative, and it is to this hero that my eyes must turn.