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Putting Your Past In Its Place

Our history—our journey—will lead us to one of two places. Either we will be filled with pride over what we’ve accomplished and who we’ve become, or we will be filled with shame over our failure to succeed and what we’ve done. But the gospel destroys both those positions. Both pride and shame are uprooted and burnt in the blazing light of the glory of Jesus.

Loved To The End

Above the drone of the flies around my face, above the sound of the water rushing past, the dogs fighting in the dirt, or the kids playing with a stick, came the resounding truth of God's persistent love.

A Scarred Life

Being an out-doors type for most of my life, and having grown up in a remote area of Australia, a large number of my stories have scars to match. Some of the scars have faded, and with them, a certain authenticity to the validity of my tale.