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A community to encourage craft and content.


What it’s all about…

If you’re a writer and love the gospel, have you ever yearned to be a part of a community where your craft and content can be encouraged and equipped? I have. I knew I loved the gospel, and I knew that I loved to try and express it through words, but I felt alone in the process of growing — I felt like an only-child watching all the other kids play in the play-ground. If it weren’t for the kindness of a few ‘older brother’ types, who invited me to join them, gave me a turn at the plate, and pointed out ways to grow in my craft, I may have given it away.

I’m hoping you might find the same here.

But how does one create a community from individuals scattered all over the globe? I thought Twitter might help, but seriously, the place gravitates toward toxic. Facebook groups? Arghh! But what about something outside the bounds of Social Media? Well, that could work. Out of these simple desires rose the idea of ‘Gospel Writers’, an online workspace using as a platform.

‘Gospel Writers’ is a place where community is growing around the things that matter most to you (and others). Gospel Writers is a place dedicated to people just like you, men and women who love Jesus and the message of grace, and are committed to growing in their craft of sharing that message.

Community Guidelines

  1. Give more than you take: this community exists primarily for the benefit of others, so please be cautious of self-promotion.

  2. Remain respectful: we can question concepts, ideas, theology, and craft—but remember that we are addressing a fellow heir of grace.

  3. Run in the lane God has given you: we are not all the same, so celebrate others and be thankful for the gifts God has granted you—plagiarism will not be tolerated.

If this interests you, why not seek us out.

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